Welcome to chilly stuff artisan gelato

Our Gelato is absolutely made the old fashioned way, by hand with Zero factory produced flavours

Cooked from scratch and churned on an Artisan Gelato machine, taste the difference !

Welcome to chilly stuff

Home of the True Artisan Gelato

Taste the difference ....

Fresh Ginger - Delicate and Fresh - locking in all those benefits of fresh ginger - still our No. 1

Ricotta & Fresh Lemon - Delicate and Fresh Lemon - Perfect with any desert and so popular

LavAzza Coffee & Chocolate - Rich Lavazza coffee with fine chocolate that melts in the mouth

Deliciously Plain - Deliciously plain, what more could you want

Deliciously Plain with Chocolate Stracciatella - An absolute Italian Classic

Freshly Made Maramalde - A taste of summer made with our own Marmalade

Intense Chocolate with Chocolate Stracciatella - One for serious Chocolate lovers with a big spoon!

Salted Caramel - Perfect modern Classic and so popular made with Maldon sea salt

Squidges Caramel & Pecan Cookie - A Special made with Squidges Bakery cookies, Wow !

Tiresford Guernsey Gold frozen Yogurt - Thick and creamy, perfect with fresh fruit